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Ethical & transparent

Unlike many PPC services, Udimi connects buyers and sellers directly, so you know who you’re dealing with. Each of our users has to pass a stringent 3 stage ID check - passport scan, webcam and phone verification, so you can be assured they’re the real deal. We operate a blind rating system, meaning you can be confident that the scores you see are honest and accurate. And if anything should go wrong, Udimi’s support team is on hand to mediate and resolve any issues.

Highest quality

Udimi has, hands down, the best traffic filter in the Milky Way for weeding out low quality traffic. Most people rely on analytics from hundreds of clicks. Right now, you have access to insights from a traffic filter that has been optimized over MILLIONS of clicks. I promise, it will help you get 10X better traffic.

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Wait, there’s more! You can boost your ROI by joining our affiliate program - and earn uncapped payments from 15% to 50% commission on new buyers you refer to Udimi. All payments are recurring and lifetime! If your referral makes 1000 orders, you’ll get 1000 payments.

results driven

Our reputation is built on the results we deliver - so we go to great lengths to ensure you see a significant return on your investment. All our sellers offer double opt-in lists, which are regularly updated to eliminate bounces. You’ll be reaching recipients who are already familiar with the sender, and engaged with their content. Our advanced algorithms filter out fraudulent or spambot clicks, so you’re only paying for genuine prospects to view your offer.

how about the message?

If you’re new to the game or short on time, why not let our experienced team create your ad texts and landing pages for you? We’re experts in writing proven high-conversion copy, and designing landing pages which get immediate results. Just browse our directory of highly-rated writers and designers to see what you can get. Depending on the ad service you choose, we can offer this as a free service, or an optional bolt-on.

network of marketing talent

With Udimi, you don’t just get an ad account. You get privileged access to a network of marketing professionals across a range of industries. If you have questions about tactics or strategy, or just need a bit of help refining your message, our forums are active and ready with thousands of other users ready to lend a helping hand. You’ll also benefit from VIP access to offers, freebies, products and services you won’t find elsewhere. Udimi is a friendly and open community, and we look after each other!